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Boat Explora I or II, Programs from 1 to 4 days, from US$ 250

It is a new way to visit Laguna San Rafael from Bahía Exploradores using a route that starts at Puerto Río Tranquilo at Lake General Carrera, about 220 km south of Coyhaique in the Carretera Austral.
It is a more adventurous trip, in a small open boat. The minimum age for this trip is 8 years old. It allows a more intimate experience, which includes a walk on the beach and even a campsite at the edge of
Laguna San Rafael.


Current season ends May 15th.

New departures from October 2017 on.




The route starts at Puerto Río Tranquilo. From this point there is a ride, either with your own car or with rented transportation, that takes 75 kilometers of the Exploradores valley road to a place called La Teresa. At this point it is necessary to cross the Exploradores river on boat, and then there is a 10 km penetration road which is made in a van (then only means of transportation available here) to get to Puerto Río Exploradores. The boat goes along the delta and Bahía Exploradores before crossing the channels and the Río de los Témpanos, to reach Laguna San Rafael. Here you will have a closer look at the icebergs, flora and fauna of the beaches and the surrounding woods at the lunch break. Then it comes the visit to the front line of the glacier and the floating icebergs, before starting the return trip, arriving at La Teresa between 19.00 and 20.00 hours.

For more detailled information of this excursion and the 2- and 4-day-programs:

Important: You have to consider that due to wind and rain conditions, it may be better to cancell or abort the excursion and return to the port without making the full program.


This excursion is made from mid-October to mid-May, according to availability and weather conditions. On the rest of the year, special trips for expeditions or groups may be possible on request.
For this excursion it is necessary a minimum of 4 people. If for a certain date there are less passengers, the trip can be done anyway, but in this case the participants must divide the original price for 4 between them.
Because of the weather conditions of this region and possible departure cancellations, it is convenient to have in mind alternative dates.


The company has two different boats in use:
- The boat "Explora I” is open, half-stiff, with an aluminum body and seven inflatable tubes. It has seats for 12 passengers but no cabin. The boat and equipment had been chosen to offer an exciting and close experience with the surroundings, given by the high technology and comfort of both the boat and the warm waterproof safety suits.

- The "Explora II" is a fast GRP (fiberglass) boat with a 10 person cabin and bench seating. The boat has observation platforms on the bow and stern with space for all passengers to photograph and observe.

The full day program does not include accommodation. The 2-day-program is planned with a campsite near the glacier, using a dome for kitchen/dinning room facilities and mountain tents for sleeping.
There are hostels and cabins at Puerto Río Tranquilo.

Prices en Chilean Pesos
The prices are per person and include the excursion from and back to La Teresa at Km 75. It is also included the transport from La Teresa to Puerto Exploradores, navigation in the boat "Explora I" to Laguna San Rafael, meals according to program, special suits for Explora I and qualified guides. Excursions lasting over one day include camping equipment.

Excursion to Laguna San Rafael from Bahía Exploradores
Full Day
Ch$ 145.000
Aventura Laguna San Rafael (2 days-1 night)
Ch$ 230.000
Transfer to Laguna San Rafael (in different days)
Ch$ 160.000
4 days - 3 nights with transfers from Coyhaique or Balmaceda airport
from Ch$ 625.000
If you don't have a vehicle, it is possible to arrange transportation between Río Tranquilo and La Teresa in a pick-up or a van.

There are attractive programs with camping nearby the glacier and hikes to explore the surroundings. It is a unique experience for people with an adventurous spirit.
More information about the programs:

How to make a reservation:
In TravelAid we can take your reservation with the following information:

-Full name
-Passport or ID number
-Date of birth

Please tell us also if you are driving in your own vehicle to La Teresa KM 75, or if you need to hire the transfer service.

Boat "Explora I" in the Laguna San Rafael

Getting closer to the glacier
San Rafael

The boat has seats for 10 persons.

Special full body suits protect you from the weather.

Photographer on the bow of Explora II

The Explora II amidst the ice and its inhabitants

Hike through the woods towards a look-out point.

Glacier San Rafael from the look-out.

Iceberg breaking from the glacier.

For more information, please contact us at:

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