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We have a wide selection of different kind of maps: road maps, topographic, special ones for trekking or even some decorative ones that you can use as gift or souvenir. The maps cover all Chile and some areas in Argentina, especially some national parks, trekking and mountaineering zones.

Besides the direct selling of our products at our store in Pucón, we also send them to customers in other towns within Chile and abroad >

TrekkingChile / VíaChile Editores
It is a publisher that had only recently begun working with the edition of maps of Chile in different scales, from general maps to detailed ones for trekking. Continuously, new titles are published. Most of them show both UTM coordinates and Lat./Long. for use of GPS. According to the scale used, they have special information for trekking and mountain bike purposes.
All new editions are printed on "stone paper", an artificial paper, waterproof and tear resistant.
Aoneker / PixMap

A serie of maps made by a group of cartographers and mountaineers. They cover different national parks and mountains in both Argentina and Chile. Excellent geographic information, contour lines and relief, with grid and coordinates in UTM and Long./Lat. (WGS84) plus magnetic declination. They are very good for trekking purpouses and can be used along with a GPS. They show regular paths and also some less used, but not all maps include campsites and times for walks.
Some maps were published under the branch PixMap in a different layout, but with the same cartographic standards. New maps are now published with both names.
This company offers the possibility to buy "maps on demand" of areas that are no of massive interest and don't justify a commercial printing, or if a previous edition is sold out. They are printed by units and are about 50% more expensive than a normal edition. Of some of these maps we have a few copies in stock, others we can get within 2-4 weeks. At the bottom of this page we put a list with some titles. Please ask us for more details or other possible areas.

It is a private editor in collaboration with the IGM (Instituto Geográfico Militar). Published at the end of 2010, this new collection of road maps covers Chile in 9 titles. They are printed on both sides on Polyart, a low-waste, water resistent and antireflex paper. The scale of 1:400.000 (1 cm = 4 km) allows to show roads with reasonable details. They don't use contour levels, but a very realistic relief gives a good idea of the terrain. Coordinates for GPS use. Different symbols indicate touristic attractions. A great help is also a complete index for finding determinated sites.
At the end of 2013, Compass started a collaboration with the Chilean gasoline company Copec and prepared a new edition sold as Chiletur Copec/Compass. The only difference is the folding and all Copec service stations are highlighted. The remaining stock of the previous 2013 edition is sold as a special offer.
Andes Profundo

It is a new series of maps specially meant for climbers, mountaineers and off track skiers. Its principal characteristic is that shows in different colors the mountain slopes. It focuses on the main part of the hill, in a very handy small size, which fits into a parka pocket. The scale varies from 1:20.000 to 1:35.000 according to the map. They are printed in a very resistent and waterproof special paper. If you want to use it along with a GPS, it shows the coordinates of key points like summits, refuges, end of vehicle roads and so on.

Right now there are available maps of all the volcanoes in the regions Araucanía and Los Lagos. Other titles are still being worked.

Chiletur Copec Guides (formerly known as "Turistel")
The road maps that come with the Turistel guides (now published as Chiletur Copec) are regularly updated and are, usually, very accurate when it comes to road information. They are published as a booklet, cutting Chile from north to south in several pieces. The scale is bigger in the central zone (more detailled map) and smaller in the country's far ends. Some editions include relief, but no counter lines.
The guides also bring larger maps of touristic zones, and very useful city maps.
In 2009, the Copec fuel company bought the publication rights and edits now the guide as "Chiletur Copec".
They are almost the same as Turistel (they used the same material), being the main difference the lack of publicity for hotels, stores, agencies, etc. In the maps, only Copec gas stations are mentioned
Antique Maps
These are decorative maps, with cartographic representations of South America from the 17th and 18th centuries. They are printed in thick linen paper, which makes them easy to frame and hang on the wall.



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