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There are two huge ice fields that make impossible the road connection between the Southern region of Magallanes and the rest of Chile. A lot of glaciers come down from the mountain tops to the bottom of the fjords, among them the Pío XI, a real ice colossus and the biggest in Southamerica with an area of 1.242 km2, 64 kms long and an impressive 6 kms wide front and 75 mts high above sea level.
The sea connections are very important to provide goods to the rest of the Chilean terriroty south of Puerto Montt. But there is only one enterprise that conects regularly this city with the Southern edge (not considering the international cruisers that sail between Buenos Aires and Valparaíso). There is no enterprise with services between Puerto Chacabuco, in Aysén, and Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas, in Magallanes.

In this section Patagonian Channels we present the sea transport, cruisers and motorboat excursions south of the Península de Taitao --which makes imposible the navigation south of Laguna San Rafael-- to the Magellan Strait.

Patagonian Channels Overlook
Puerto Montt -> Puerto Natales
Navimag 4 days Ferry with cabins
from US$ 550
Puerto Natales -> Southern Ice Field -> Puerto Natales
Skorpios III 4 days Luxury touristic cruise
from US$ 1.970
There are also 2 points with departures for day excursions to the glaciers. One is the small town of Caleta Tortel, located between the two ice fields and recently conected to the Carretera Austral. At the harbour you can ask for excursions to the glaciers Steffen and Jorge Montt. The trip is done in small boats withcovered decks for passengers and last 6 and 12 hours in each case.

Much more organized are the excursions from Puerto Natales. Here there are motorboats and catamarans with capacity between 50 and 100 passengers, that sail through the Última Esperanza fjord towards the glaciers Balmaceda and Serrano, which are not as impressive as the ones previously mentioned. It is also possible to sail inside the Torres del Paine National Park, through the lakes Grey and Pehoé, which is a good option when you don't have much time.

Navimag's Ferry Evangelistas

Impresive landscapes in the Patagonian channels

Skorpios III in front og the Amalia-Glaciar. Photo: Copyright by Skorpios

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