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(Cruce Andino o de Lagos)
Puerto Montt - Chaitén
Puerto Montt - Puerto Chacabuco
Chiloé - Chaitén
Quellón - Puerto Chacabuco
Hornopirén - Caleta Gonzalo
Weekend Cruises
Fiordo Quintupeu

From Puerto Montt:
From Pto. Chacabuco:
Catamaranes del Sur
From Bahía Exploradores:
Expedition Launches
Puerto Montt - Puerto Natales (Navimag)
From Puerto Natales to Southern Ice Field
(Skorpios III)
Punta Arenas - Ushuaia
(Cruceros Australis)
Punta Arenas - Puerto Williams



In 1976 began the construction of the Carretera Longitudinal Austral, the continuation of the Panamerican Road south of Puerto Montt. The idea was to provide a connection by land to the vast and distant territories of Palena and Aysén. The difficult geography, the dismemberhip of the region in a number of islands and peninsulas all torn by channels and deep fjords, turned the work into a demanding engineering project, which has not been finished yet, due to the high costs of the remaining parts of the road.
This is the reason why the maritime connections are still very important to supply with goods the rest of the Chilean territory south of Puerto Montt. During the summer (December to March) the region turns into a big touristic attraction for locals and foreigners, who admire the rocky landscapes, the cold jungle and glaciers.

In this section Carretera Austral we consider all maritime transportation between Puerto Montt and Puerto Chacabuco, including the connections between Chiloé and the continent. We also include a short trip, over the weekend, to the Quintupeu Fjord, offered by Skorpios during the winter months from May to September.

Routes Summary
Chacao Channel: Pargua -> Chacao
Several enterprises 30 minutes Ferries
It is the direct way to get to Chiloé from Puerto Montt. Regular services all year round, every 15 minutes. Not reservation required. If travelling by bus, there is no extra charge. An average car pays a fee of about 20 US$.
Reloncaví Bay : Caleta Arena -> Caleta Puelche
Road Administration 30 minutes Launch Tehuelche
It is the first sea crossing in the Carretera Austral, between Puerto Montt and Hornopirén (a.k.a Río Negro). Regular services all year round, every 90 minutes. Usually there is no reservation required, although it may be convenient in January and February. If travelling by bus, there is no extra charge. An average car pays a fee of about 20 US$.
Since 2001 you can avoid the crossing of the Reloncaví Bay by taking the back road that goes from Puerto Varas towards Cochamó and Puelo, running along the fjord until reaching Caleta Puelche.
Puerto Montt -> Chaitén
Naviera Austral 10 hours Ferry
from US$ 32
Puerto Montt -> Puerto Chacabuco
Navimag 24 hours Ferry with cabins
from US$ 65
Chiloé -> Chaitén  
Naviera Austral 5 hours Ferry
from US$ 32
Quellón (Chiloé) -> Puerto Chacabuco 
Naviera Austral 30-40 hours Ferry
from US$ 30
Hornopirén -> Caleta Gonzalo  
Naviera Austral 5 hours Ferry
from US$ 10
Puerto Montt -> Fiordo Quintupeu -> Puerto Montt (Weekend Cruise)  
Skorpios 2 days Touristic Cruiser
from US$ 330



Sunset in the Corcovado Gulf

Trucks are brought on bord

Typical settlement in Chiloé

Landscape on route

The steep walls of the Quintupeu-Fjord are covered by lush vegetation. Photo: Copyright by Skorpios

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