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In Out Patagonia, 1 day, tourism buses, ferry and boat, US$ 295
Since December 2008 In Out Patagonia offers this trip called "Travesía Navegando Chile Argentina", joining the two important touristic centers of Pucón (Chile) and San Martín de los Andes (Argentina) through the Hua-Hum Pass. The first part of the trip is done with tourism buses, and then by boat through the attractive lakes Pirihueico, Nonthué and Lacar.
The passengers who would like to come back to Pucón can choose a program that includes an overnight accommodation in San Martín and taking the next day the route back to Pucón through the Tromen / Mamuil Malal Pass, at the foot of the Lanín Volcano.
Due to logistics reasons, the trip through the lakes can only be made in the direction described above, from Pucón to San Martín, but not the opposite way.

The departure is at 08:00 AM from Pucón by bus or minibus riding along the lakes Villarrica, Calafquén and Panguipulli before we arrive in Puerto Fuy around noon. There is enough time for an optional lunch (not included in the price) before taking the ferry that sails during one and a half hour through the narrow Pirihueico lake. Afterwards, there is a short part by bus to the Hua-Hum Pass, arriving first to the Chilean Customs and then, the Argentinean. Once the paperwork is done at the border, we continue towards the pier Chachín to get on board of the boat Patagonia I, which will navigate for 2 hours the lakes Nonthué and Lacar. The journey ends at the harbour of San Martín de los Andes at around 19:00 PM.



Next departures:

Departures 2023 Pucón -> San Martín de los Andes
January 2 to 15 March 15 Everyday
March 16 to December 31 Tuesday and Thursday
(Sunday on demand, subject to confirmation)

The boat on the Argentinan lakes Nonthué and Lacar is running only on the given days. With pure land transport in Argentina, the trip can be done everyday.

Means of transportation
Tourism buses or minibuses take the passengers along the roads, a ferry sails the Pirihueico lake and a boat for 115 people navigates the lakes Nonthué and Lacar.

Rates per person:

Rates 2023 - Pucón -> San Martín de los Andes
Price per passenger
US$ 295 per person

Departures with a minimum of 2 pasengers.

The price includes:
- Road transportation Pucón > Puerto Fuy and Puerto Pirihueico > Lake Nonthué
- Navigation in the ferry Hua-Hum through the Pirihueico Lake and boat
"Patagonia I" through the lakes Nonthué and Lacar.
- Coffee on board of the boat (Argentinean side).

- Road transportation of the luggage to the harbour of San Martín.

Ask for programs with accommodation in San Martín de los Andes and trip back to Pucón through the Trommen / Mamuil Malal Pass, or to Villa Angostura or Bariloche.

How to make a reservation

We can take yor reservation at TravelAid with the following information:

-Full name
-Passaport or ID number
-Date and place of birth
-Country of residence
-Hotel de contacto en Pucón

*Since this is an international trip, it is very important to give your information exactly as it appears in your papers.


Road between Pucón and Puerto Fuy

Lake Panguipulli with Choshuenco Volcano

Lake Pirihueico with volcano Mocho-Choshuenco

The modern ferry Puerto Fuy

Boat "Patagonia I" (Argentinean side)

Sailing Lake Lacar

Deck of Boat "Patagonia I"

San Martín de los Andes

For more information, please contact us at:

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